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IBEX Visits Scott AFB in Illinois via St. Louis, MO

IBEX attended the IT Service Management (ITSM) Enterprise Support Pre-Solicitation Conference last week at Scott AFB to learn first hand about the upcoming requirement.  We also met with potential teaming partners and the Small Business Directors at USTRANSCOM  (US Transportation Command) and AMC (Air Mobility Command).

As an 8(a) and Woman Owned Small Business newly certified this year, we quickly realized that getting certified is one thing, but getting out there, meeting the people, shaking hands and kissing babies is a key component to learning the lingo and being successful in the Government Industry.

At IBEX, until last year, most of our success and experience came from the Corporate/Commercial space.  We have brought high level IT Process Improvement and IT Service Management solutions to the largest and most troubled companies in the United States.  We are looking to leverage that success in the Government.  There is a huge need for Government to leverage ITSM best practices already firing in large corporations.  IBEX has and holds the key to many of the top Global ITSM experts with years of successful and diverse global engagements.

Meeting at AMC Offices, Scott AFB

Tracey Grace, President & CEO of IBEX IT Business Experts, “I was so excited to present IBEX to USTRANSCOM.  It was clear that we bring a level of expertise to the table that many of the Larger Government Contractors just don’t have access to.  Our experience will be very valuable in this opportunity and others as the Government begins to implement ITIL on their IT Process Improvement Journey.”

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch – Can’t Tell it’s under Construction

Arch from Hotel, Lots of Construction and Renovation

Arch from Hotel, Lots of Construction and Renovation



Meet our People – Shanah Kitzerow

 Shanah Kitzerow

IBEX IT Business Experts

Director of Marketing

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I was once told by my psychology professor that “95% of what you invest your beliefs in while on this earth will turn out to be false.” I remember thinking… I’ll take my chances. At the core of who I am, I am a believer. I believe that your people make your business, never the reverse. I believe that when you go hard, and stand firm, you win – even when you are the only one playing. Believe it to see it… a reverse in thinking from the generations before us.

I came on-board at IBEX in the most trying of times. With a wealth of knowledge from past experience, working with great organizations, I was ready to begin again – to be free. I found a freedom that still gives me goose bumps every day I am invested. Being raw and real drive me.

I met Tracey in 2010, the same year my daughter came into my life. At the time, I could never have understood the balance these two relationships would bring to my future. Tracey was real. We were connected from jumpstreet. When I let Tracey in that I was making a move to resign from my previous role, I learned she was, too – that same day!  There is no way that we could have written that script ourselves.

In October of 2013, I became IBEX – as our leader in branding, and a partner to all who believe in building relationships, teams and knowledge bases – in that order. My goal with IBEX is to change the perception of IT Management through “right-sized”, project-focused training, and strategic staffing solutions. I am known for keeping it real – sometimes, too real.

Outside of IBEX, I love to be with family and friends – my little 4 year-old daughter/side-kick, Liv, tops the list. She is the CEO of the universe after all, and she is everything I am being paid back for, and more. She does not let me have the stage or the mic – ever – which is an ongoing battle. I love to make people laugh and am sometimes floored that I can no longer bust out some “Bonnie & Clyde” or do the typewriter – at will – unless she gives me the floor. When did this happen??…

On this journey, I hope to get to know you more closely and I hope to partner with those of you on the same journey – to drive partnerships through knowledge… and maybe bust a jam together as we take over the world ;)

Have feedback for our IBEX Village Community? Please, reach out. I would love to hear from you.


Meet Our People – Tracey Grace

tracey pro (2)

 Tracey Grace

IBEX IT Business Experts

President & CEO

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My father always told me “You can be anything you want to be, this is the age of Women’s Lib.” So, needless to say I had many dreams and considerations of what that would be…I was “Jersey Girl” minus the hairspray…

As a child, during our family visits to “Steeler Country,” I saw signs for “Lucille’s Transmissions”…I could own a mechanics shop, why not, I love cars. After many years of working on my 1980’s clunkers, I realized that wasn’t the route for me. I was pretty good at defending myself, so I thought, hmmm… a Lawyer, yes they make a lot of money. My first year at Pitt I took a law class and halfway through thought I would choke if I read another case study. So, I would eventually take after my father and study business – our family owned Miller Rug and Carpet Service. Helping him with the family business, installing Carpet many summers, he taught me many lessons – Sales, Pricing and Killer Negotiations: telling the customers he wouldn’t work on weekends, we had church!

After finishing my BA, I continued on at Pitt for my MBA…I thought to myself, then what – I needed some experience! So I left my terrible towel behind and moved to Hotlanta. With much support from my family, I found my way into the Training industry – cold calling for New Horizons which would give me a great foundation and allow me to put my business training to work.  After climbing the rungs and leaving there as a Senior Sales Manager, I spent some years at FedEx and Learning Tree before taking a leap of faith to join Quint – an International Consulting firm. I would follow the path that God intended and become a VP of Business Development – Learning much about International Business, IT Service Management, Governance , Staffing and working in a Partner and Resale environment. Blessed enough to have my path laid out for me, I used the years of experience gained, and harnessed the encouragement and support from my husband, to start IBEX.

Hands down best business decision I have ever made. IBEX is made up of such a talented team – using all of our skills and contributions – we use our diverse experiences to make a best-in class company. We thrive because we all believe in what we do, and we are all natural born leaders. We support and encourage creativity, work-life balance and thrive in an equal-opportunity environment. We celebrate our differences, execute at a high level and are transparent in our work. Our clients love us because of this.

Let’s connect and explore the possibilities to partner.