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For Our Commuters..

We enjoyed this read about the evolution of commuting.  We hope you enjoy it, too..

Why would anyone commute to work? Almost throughout the twentieth century, that question would have seemed absurd. We commuted to work because work happened in factories and offices, and it was the daily duty of every employee to transport themselves from their homes to those places of work by 8 or 9am.

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Source: The Regus Blog

Joining Forces

Our very own, Tracey Grace, Founder of IBEX, was recently featured in a nice little spread in the Atlanta Business Chronicle where she speaks to establishing strong partnerships and networking for success. Check it out..

Joint ventures can help small businesses act like big ones
- Gary A. Witte – Contributing Writer, Atlanta Business Chronicle

When you’re trying to get hired, it helps to have experience, even when that experience belongs to someone else.

When Tracey Grace, president of IBEX IT Business Experts, started her company in 2012, she already knew she would need to work with other businesses to help it succeed. She spent several years networking and getting to know others in the industry prior to opening her doors in Alpharetta.

“I basically built my entire company on partnerships,” Grace said. “For me, partnership is an inherent part of my business model.”

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Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle January 17-23, 2014