COBIT® 5 Implementation Training


COBIT® 5 Implementation Training



Course content:

COBIT® 5 is the only business framework for the governance and management of enter­prise IT. Launched in April 2012, COBIT 5 helps maximize the value of information by incorporating the latest thinking in enterprise governance and management techniques, and provides globally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models to help increase the trust in, and value from, information systems.

This course has a deep investigation into the elements of the COBIT 5 framework using a case study and interactive presentations and exercises. It will help you build your understanding of COBIT 5 and the governance and management of enterprise IT (GEIT) to create awareness of GEIT at senior level and assess the current state of GEIT in your organization. It will help you to start the process of scoping which aspects of COBIT 5 are appropriate to implement and support the on-going activity of building, managing and improving a COBIT framework.

This course is designed as an advanced implementation guide to COBIT 5 and enables you to understand how an integrated business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT can be utilized to achieve IT business integration, cost reductions and increased productivity. The syllabus areas that this course is designed to cover are:

  •                      How to analyze enterprise drivers
  •                      Implementation challenges, root causes and success factors
  •                      How to determine and assess current process capability
  •                      How to scope and plan improvements
  •                      Potential implementation pitfalls 

Cobit 5 Course profile:

This 3 day course leads to the COBIT 5 practition­er exam. This is a free-standing qualification, but is part of the COBIT 5 qualification scheme. Can­didates will get a practical appreciation of how to apply COBIT 5 to specific business problems, pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios within the organization. They will learn how to implement and apply COBIT 5 into their enter­prise and how to efficiently use it for client ini­tiatives, and how to effectively use COBIT 5 for different organizational scenarios. The course material is supported by practical exercises and case-based scenarios. Candidates learn how to apply the COBIT 5 continual improvement life­cycle approach to address requirements and es­tablish and maintain a sustainable approach to governing and managing enterprise IT as “nor­mal business practice”.


Candidates wishing to attend this course must have attained the COBIT 5 Foundation course prior to attending the course. The COBIT 5 Implementation course would suit candidates working in the following IT professions or areas:

  •           IT Auditors
  •           IT Managers and leadership
  •           IT Quality professionals 
  •           IT Developers   
  •           Process practitioners   
  •           Managers in IT service providing firms       
  •           Business managers 
 Why COBIT 5:

COBIT 5 is ISACA’s latest business framework for the governance, management and operation of IT across any enterprise. This course prepares delegates for the COBIT 5 Foundation exam that is taken at the end of the course. With an under­standing of the COBIT 5 Framework, delegates will be able to identify and apply the COBIT 5 components in their business operations and IT activities. This course is recommended for IT professionals working in IT governance, man­agement, operations, enterprise architecture, information security, compliance, assurance and audit. The COBIT 5 principles and enablers are generic and useful for enterprises of all siz­es, whether commercial, not-for-profit or in the public sector.

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