SDI® Service Desk Institute Training Analysts Course

SDI® Service Desk Institute Training Analysts Course

Course Content:

The course consists of a formal lecture and group discussions based workshop. Candidates can expect to gain competence in the following areas upon successful completion of the education components related to this workshop:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Effective communication
  • Customer service skills and competencies 
  • Cross cultural communication
  • The service desk environment
  • Process management 
  • Managing, meeting and maintaining service levels
  • Problem solving
  • Tools and technologies used in customer support
  • Challenges, critical success factors and risks
  • Exam preparation
The learning outcomes are intended to give a clear understanding of core service management processes and the importance of IT support in today's business environment. You will be building essential skills and competencies - identify, understand and deliver efficient and effective support in the service desk environment.

Course Profile:

The Service Desk Institute (SDI) is the leading professional body for everyone working in the IT service and support industry.
Excellent Service Desk support is vital to ensure a company consistently delivers the required IT service levels. The responsibilities of the support analyst are many and they evolve constantly, so a diverse skill-set is required to meet the challenging demands placed on them.
Passionate about helping service desks make a difference and realise their full potential, the SDI help deliver exceptional, fun and inspirational customer experiences and support, guide and educate those committed to their own service improvement journey.
Becoming accredited with the SDI’s Service Desk and Support Analyst qualification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge of customer service and support competencies and certifies that they have the skills required to work in the IT support industry.

 Course Pre-requisites:

 There are no pre-requisites for this course however familiarity with IT terminology and IT-related work experience is recommended.

 Who should Attend:

 The Service Design Qualification would suit candidates working in the following IT professions or areas:
  • Support Analysts
  • First-line Analysts 
  • Second-line Analysts
  • Client Support Technicians/Consultants
  • Desktop Support Analysts
  • Customer Support Officers
  • Technical Support Analysts
  • Service Centre Analysts


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