Windows Store App Development in JavaScript

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Course Specifications

Course Length:

3 days

Course Description


Microsoft® Windows® 8 has introduced a new application platform that targets touch-screen mobile devices, which also runs on traditional desktop and notebook computers. Microsoft has provided various tools and programming languages to support development in this platform, giving the developer the ability to use tools and techniques that they are most comfortable with. With Visual Studio® (including the free version of Studio Express), the developer can still choose to program Windows applications using languages such as C++ and C#, which have been traditionally used for desktop application development. But now developers can also develop Windows apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS—a triad more commonly used for web development. This course introduces students to Windows 8 application development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It covers most of the objectives in the Microsoft Certified System Developer Exam 70-481: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript. You can use this course in preparation for that exam.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will develop and test apps designed for Windows 8, variously known as Metro apps, Modern apps, or Windows Store apps. This course focuses on app development using Visual Studio, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

You will:

  • Develop a Windows 8 app in Visual Studio using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Meet user expectations and Windows Store requirements when designing and implementing a Windows Store app.
  • Debug Windows 8 apps.
  • Start a Windows 8 app project based on a WinJS-based template.
  • Load content into Windows 8 apps from various sources, such as XML, JSON, and image files.
  • Incorporate navigation features in a Windows 8 app, including navigation bars and multiple screens.
  • Provide app features to integrate with the Windows 8 app environment, including Search, Share, and Print.
  • Format app appearance through CSS, and enable various app layouts.
  • Prepare an app for packaging and release through the Windows Store or sideloading.

Target Student:

This course is intended for an application programmer or web developer who is new to developing Windows Store apps, also known as Metro or Modern apps. The student has experience developing applications or websites using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS or has taken courses in HTML5 development.


To ensure your success, you should have some experience developing dynamic web content using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You should also be comfortable using Windows 8, including navigating and working with Windows Store apps.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Developing a Windows Store App

Topic A: Set Up and Launch the Windows 8 Programming Environment

Topic B: Create a Single-Screen WinJS App

Topic C: Configure the Development Environment

Topic D: Handle Events

Topic E: Format Specific Display Elements

Topic F: Set Manifest Properties

Topic G: Define Classes and Namespaces

Lesson 2: Identifying Design Requirements for Windows Store Apps

Topic A: Windows Store App Architecture

Topic B: Windows Store App Design Patterns and Templates

Lesson 3: Debugging Windows 8 Apps

Topic A: Test Apps Using the Windows Simulator

Topic B: Debug an App with Visual Studio Debugging Tools

Lesson 4: Starting a New App in Blend

Topic A: Start a Project in Blend

Topic B: Customize a User Interface in Blend

Lesson 5: Loading Content

Topic A: Content Sources

Topic B: Load User Interface Elements with Content

Lesson 6: Developing Navigation Features

Topic A: Add App and Navigation Bars

Topic B: Add Pages and Page Navigation

Lesson 7: Integrating with the Windows 8 Environment

Topic A: Provide a Search Capability in an App

Topic B: Provide a Share Capability in an App

Topic C: Provide a Print Capability in an App

Lesson 8: Formatting App Layouts

Topic A: Enhance an App Through CSS Styling

Topic B: Change Layout Dynamically

Lesson 9: Distributing Your App

Topic A: Package an App for Distribution

Topic B: Release a Windows Store App


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