5133289 M IBEX offers Permanent, Contract and Contract-to-Hire Candidates for:

  • Company Growth
  • Natural Attrition
  • Project Based Needs

We take the time to locate and vet the top qualified “A” candidates for your position and these are who you will see. This saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to sort through the “B” Candidates.

1. Long Term Relationships

We care about building long-term relationships with everyone we work with, including both clients and candidates. By taking extra steps to learn about your company, including periodic visits to your site, we learn about your culture, environment, and values – allowing us to find a candidate who fits well within your company at every level.

2. Experienced Experts

Our rigorous technical screening process is conducted by Experienced Staffing Consultants, ensuring that every candidate we work with is a high-caliber performer. This leads to a significant reduction in time investment from your company's hiring manager, as he or she will have to evaluate only a small number of qualified submissions. Experience our quick turnaround time and you will learn to count on us for your needs.

3. IT Experts

We specialize in Analysts, Integrators, Application Developers, Project Managers and Infrastructure specialists. We can help you find top experts in Healthcare (HIT) Applications, Microsoft, ERP, CMS, open source, legacy, and CRM technologies. This includes developer, DBA, BA, QA, PM, and support/administrator positions. All of these roles, as well as a variety of other IT positions, can be filled on a contingency or permanent placement basis.

Most importantly, since our recruiters specialize in technology, we're able to recognize and retain the true IT experts. This established network of candidates allows us to find candidates for a variety of roles as well as move permanent placement IT staff into your company's existing backlog of mission-critical positions.


IBEX3PointVISAModelv2IBEX "VISA" Recruiting Model


Vertical and Industry experienced candidates

Specific Skills and experience

Conducting Active and passive searches

ensure a diverse pool of candidates

Vast existing pool of industry experts, in-house





Experienced Consultants and Experts you need to

exceed your overall business objectives.




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