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What is ITIL?          


The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a set of best practices that addresses how IT can work most effectively to support the overall objectives of the business.  ITIL directly provides an approach to Information Technology Service Management. "How IT Services are and should be Managed for Internal and External Clients." 


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By using ITIL, IT organizations can all speak the same language in meetings and since veryone is now utilizing similar processes, organizations become more cost effective as they adopt new processes that are proven to be more efficient.  IT is not necessary to implement all ITIL processes in order to get results. Each organization is different, so a prescriptive approach should be used.  The most effective ITIL organizations, are those that leave the components in place that aren't broken and supplement with what needs to be fixed.  

This widely adopted framework has many benefits and advantages for an organization when successfully implemented, including improvement of service levels, reduction of costs, alignment with business goals, better customer satisfaction and improved delivery of IT services.  With ITIL now an international quality standard (ISO/IEC 20000), your organization can receive independent verification of IT Service Management excellence. 

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  • Key to the success of any ITIL implementation is the education of involved resources.
  • The official ITIL® qualification scheme has been designed to provide critical knowledge to individuals working to implement ITIL.
  • The qualification scheme is built up of different levels and each level is designed to provide skills that build on the knowledge gained from the previous level.

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ITIL Foundation:

This level is designed to offer a general awareness and overview of the Service Lifecycle approach and the elements contained therein.  It is not intended to enable the holders of this level to implement ITIL® Service Management practices without further education and guidance.  Successful candidates will learn the basics of Service Management as a practice as well as the Service Lifecycle approach and will gain an understanding of the qualification scheme to help them understand their next steps. This level is aimed at IT professionals, Individuals who wish to gain a basic understanding of ITIL®, anyone involved in or about to become involved in an ITIL implementation.

ITIL Intermediate:

Divided into two different streams, the Lifecycle Stream and the Capability Stream:

  • The Lifecycle stream is useful for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of ITIL® practices from a lifecycle perspective.  The primary focus of this stream is the Lifecycle, the use of processes within the lifecycle as well as the management capabilities required to deliver high quality Service management best practices within any organization.
  • The Capability Stream is useful for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the Processes and Roles in ITIL®.  While the Service Lifecycle part of this stream, the focus is on process activities and how they are executed and used throughout the Service Lifecycle.

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Which ITIL Courses should I take?

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ITIL® Awareness

ITIL® Service Strategy
ITIL® Foundation ITIL® Service Design
ITIL® Operation Support and Analysis (OSA) ITIL® Service Transition
ITIL® Release, Control and Validation (RCV) ITIL® Service Operation

ITIL® Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA

ITIL® Continual Service Improvement

ITIL® Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO)

ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC)

The Lifecycle stream teaches ITIL®  from a managerial perspective and the Capability stream relates to more on-the-job ITIL®.

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The ITIL Expert in IT Service Management Certification:

You can get your ITIL Expert certification by accumulating a total of 22 credits in either the Lifecycle or Capabilities Stream. 

In the end, you must have a total of 22 credits:   2 of them must come from the Foundation level and 5 credits must come from the Managing Across the Lifecycle course.  This is an Expert level course and is very challenging.

The way that you get the rest of your credits is up to you.  We reccomend that you take the classes that are going to be the most relevant to your job and/or career goals.  Take what is interesting to you and try to fill in some of your skills gap areas.  My advice would be to take a balanced curriculum and enjoy!

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