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Our goal at IBEX it to optimize and advance your Business Processes and Service Offerings through sound advice and training solutions.  We offer a comprehensive set of services to assist you throughtout your Business Lifecycle. 

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Management Consulting

Working effectively, the ultimate purpose of your IT organization is to ensure that the overall goals and objectives of your business are supported. Our consultants are subject matter experts and have spent many years advising small, medium, enterprise and government organizations. We utilize IT Best Practice Frameworks which have been widely adopted first in Europe and now in the United States to assess, measure and develop plans and executable roadmaps for the success of the business.


Enterprise IT Governance

 IT Governance is a subset of corporate governance.  It puts structure around how organizations ensure IT is aligned with the overall business strategy.  It makes certain that processes provide measurable results and each stakeholders' interest is satisfied.  Cobit 5 is the only current IT Governance Framework providing best practice guidance.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

 IT Service Management (ITSM) is a process-based approach to aligning the delivery of information technology (IT) services with the needs of the organization that uses them.  ITIL is currently the only framework providing a comprehensive set of best practices focused on excellence in service to internal and external clients.

Enterprise IT Governance & ITSM Assessment Services

IBEX Quick Assessment - 1 Day Workshop/Workgroup Session
The IBEX Quick Assessment is a working model that spends 1/2 day discussing concepts and the second half in discovery.  This session involves major IT Stakeholders and is a great way to get the right people involved.  

IBEX Full Assessment
Our Assessments show you where your organization is currently and how to improve.  Many of our clients don't need a huge overhaul, but are in need of specific changes in critical areas to obtain the desired level performance.  Our ITIL Certified consultants measure your current performance, using best practice frameworks,  then provide you with feedback on how you are doing.  Once areas of improvement are identified, we we make recommendations and provide guidance on how to make the necessary changes.

Step 1 - Identify Current State - Conduct Research & Interviews

Step 2 - Discussion with Stakeholders - Clarify - Review- Clarify

Step 3 - Information Analysis - Measurement

Step 4 - Report and Recommendations


 IT Best Practice Frameworks

Consulting Services Include:

  • Assessment
  • Management
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Administration





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