Healthcare IT (HIE) Problem Solved:

A top Healthcare IT Software firm in the southeast had a great Software Solution perfectly positioned for success with clients in the wake of the Government (HIE) Healthcare Information Exchange mandates being passed down to Healthcare systems across the country. The big problem, they had a great reputation for software and a horrible reputation for the Management of their implementations. They had a pool of over 100 Project Managers only 20% considered effective.

  • 43949962 MChallenge 1: Project Manager Reporting – Information was reported in different ways based on the Region the PM’s reported to. This directly affected billability and the accuracy of reporting.
  • Challenge 2: Clients expected Project Managers to be certified and fully able to effectively implement the software solution on time and budget, able to deliver the solution that Sales sold.
  • Challenge 3: Sales sold solutions as a price that was impossible to deliver as is. How to close the gap? How to get PM’s to send out a warning flare before it is too late, recognize the Risk signs and be proactive.


  • IT Recruiting: We recruited and successfully help vet Project Managers who to increase the headcount necessary to fill current needs.
  • IT Consulting: After conducting a Key Performer Assessment, Our consultants developed a standardized Project Management reporting and communications plan with checklists and templates to ensure all PM’s were following the same reporting process.
  • IT Training: We developed a 4 course training program starting with basic Project Management, to ensure all PM’s had a complete understanding of the standard PMI Project Management Process. The second class was PM Software tool training, aligned with the process training. The 2 additional customized classes were created, Financial and Budget Management and the third on Risk Management combined with softs skills Communication skills. These areas were assessed through interviews during the Key Performer assessment and deemed as to be key areas of weakness.

The end result was an overall improvement in Client scores of Project Management Implementations.

The final phase and reward for the completion of the PM program was actual PMP certification for the PM’s and successful completion for the professional development program. 

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